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E20 is a device comes with GPS and GSM connectivity, which is able to determine the vehicle location and transfer them via the GSM network to our server. This device is perfectly suitable for applications, which need location acquirement of remote objects. Below are the E20 specifications:
  • GPS antenna
  • GSM antenna
  • Built in backup battery with 3 hours battery life
  • Fuel Sensor (Optional)
  • SOS button (Optional)
  • Cut off fuel (Optional)
  • Microphone (Optional)
  • Speaker (Optional)

Product Feature:

  • Anti-Jamming supported
  • Data communication by SMS/GPRS (TCP/UDP)
  • Support 1-Wire technology
  • Remote firmware and parameters update over GPRS
  • Sleep mode

Fuel Sensor

Fuel sensor is able to monitor the vehicle fuel consumption. With high-precision measurement of fuel level in fuel tank, the sensor gives detailed information about fuel tank refueling, draining and consumption prevents unauthorized or misused of fuel.
  • Used for diesel, gasoline level measuring
  • Length could be trimmed and re-calibrated in the field. Fits different tank sizes, minimizing customer inventory level.
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