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Management System


Real Time Monitoring

  • In Real Time monitoring, it allow you to track your vehicle within 30 seconds of time interval via our management system, so that you will be informed every single movement of your vehicle within the 30 seconds of time interval update. 

History Replay

  • It allows you to review the route history of your vehicle by using the trace replay function in our management system. The purpose is to assure that the vehicle is following the route assigned by the company.

Geo Fence

  • Geo fence is a special rectangle area, our client management system calculates and records when it enters or exits the area. There are at most twenty five geo fences can be set. If your driver enters the geo fence area then our system will alert you with the alarm.

Monitor via App and Client Management System

  • It offers a mobile application in smart phones and tablets which allows you to instantly access with your fingertips to monitor your vehicles detail by using our website. 


  • In the event that the vehicle is being hijacked, our device can be sent a signal from the control centre to stop the vehicle from restarting.


Vehicle Operation Report Show your vehicle daily operation example vehicle mileage, vehicle idling duration, vehicle average speed and etc
Vehicle Alarm Report Summary your vehicle alarm info at the certain time
Geo Fence Report View crosses the Geo-fence perimeter history by vehicle or region
Fuel Analysis Report Reports are able to provide the detailed information about fuel tank refueling, draining and consumption which can prevents fraud or unauthorized use of fuel. Therefore, you can calculate the fuel consumption by using the fuel analysis report.


Over Speed alarm Alarm will generated when your vehicle exceeded the speed limit which set in your system
SOS Alarm System will generate alarm to alert the user when driver press the hidden SOS button which installed in your vehicle
Power Cut Off Alarm If someone try to disconnect the power supply of the device, GPS will automatically generate alarm to alert the user
Geo Fencing Alarm If your driver enters the geo fence area then our system will alert you with the alarm.
Illegal Idling Alarm Anti idling period can be set and alarm will generate when the vehicle idling during the period
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